Donations projects

Although the activities of Sadnat Shiluv are recognized and funded by government offices, we have unique needs which are not covered by this funding and for this we seek donations.

Emergency preparation

  • Electric generator
  • Protective shelter in case of attack for the Gevaot apartments



  • Equipping an apartment for independent residents
  • Sports and fitness park in Gevaot
  • Climbing wall




  • Development of new branches
  • Forestry – wood pulverizer
  • Carpentry – engraver and electric saw
  • Recycling and compost plant


Coffee shop and Visitors Center

  • Natural juicer
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Accessibility to the Education Center


Animal Center

  • Professional hatchery


Basketball and Sports Leagues

  • Funding for participation in basketball and equestrian competitions

"Shorashim Bahar" – Roots in the mountains project

  • Funding for refurbishing the Abu Kalev spring in Gush Etzion