The Settlement of Gevaot

The settlement of Gevaot was founded in 1984 as a Nachal army outpost in the hills descending from Gush Etzion.  In 2012 with the support and assistance of the Gush Etzion Regional council it was populated by the community of Sadnat Shiluv.

Sadnat Shiluv was founded as an educational initiative whose ideal is to integrate special needs children into the community.  Through the years a community was formed around the Sadna of those who sought to further this way of life.  The community grew around the school and housing for those with special needs.  After several years in temporary venues the families and Sadna settled in Gevaot.

Today there are 40 families living in Gevaot, with a day care center, a kindergarten, youth movement, Synagogue and mikva.  The school age children learn in Gush Etzion.  In addition there are 3 apartments for young men with special needs, a special education school and employment including an animal farm.

The residents of the special needs housing work and study during the day in the Sadna, and afterwards have a rich and varied social life within the community.  They visit families and participate in organizing prayer services and communal activities.

At present all of the buildings in Gevaot are prefabricated.