Agriculture and Animals

Farming and working with animals are at the root of our work program in SadnatShiluv.  We believe that agricultural work in the fresh air is good for the body and spirit and gives a person satisfaction in his ability to give to his environment and his land.

Working with animals improves tactile perception and promotes responsibility and sensitivity.

At SadnatShiluv a great emphasis is put on varied activities involving farming and agriculture.  These activities are part of both individual and class programs.

The foresting detail collects wood and prepares it for various purposes.

The gardening detail cares for the decorative gardens throughout the settlement.  (This year they do only what is permitted during a Shemitta – Sabbatical year of the land)



Animal Center

In our animal center we have an open area for parrots, pheasants, hens and ducks.  In another corner a family of pygmy goats lives happily.  There is a pool for fish and water tortoises.  In the yard there are varied species of squirrels, chinchillas, hamsters, and reptiles.  We also have a hatchery where chicks spend their first days of life.



The students of SadnatShiluv work in the Animal Center in preparation for employment, to learn communication, and to research and learn about the animals.

The preschool children regularly visit the Animal Center.

The dog kennels are home to Shobi and Cola our two collies.  Shobi and Cola enjoy interacting with the children.  We hope to train them to help us with shepherding.

Our goat pen is home to 20 milk goats.  Those who work in the goat pen feed, clean and shepherd the goats.  While shepherding they carve wood into staffs.The students participate in milking, pasteurizing the milk and making our delicious yogurts and cheese.  During birthing season they assist with the birthing goats and the kids.

In our stables we have six horses and two ponies.  Many students work in the stables


  • Maintenance workers feed, groom and clean the stables
  • Instructor's aides lead the riders and assist with exercise.
  • Groups of advanced students receive intensive equestrian training in preparation for a course to be licensed riding instructors.
  • Students in our integrated programs learn riding and vaulting
  • Sadna students and other equestrians have riding lessons including a therapeutic equestrian progam.

These programs are open to the public.

Please contact our stable manager Nadav 052-5665133