Apartments in the Community

SadnatShiluv's first apartment opened in 2009 in Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim, for graduates of the school who sought a residential community. Over time, additional apartments opened in Rosh Tzurim and an apartment for girls opened in Kibbutz Migdal Oz. In 2012 the residents moved to the communal residence in Gvaot.

The community apartments of The Sadna were designed to provide the maximum performance tools in a normative society for people who want to integrate in the community.

The apartments accept people at different levels of functioning who are able to live together and benefit from housing in the company of their peers. Each resident has an adoptive family in the community which hoststhem for meals on weekdays, holidays and Shabbat. Residents take part in cultural activities on the kibbutz and are active partners in the synagogue. Today there are three active residences:Beit Nachshon,Beit Nitzan in Gvaot, and Beit Aluma in Migdal Oz.

Since they serve as a home, the apartments run personalized plans designed to promote independence among the occupants in their general daily functioning, interpersonal conduct, maintaining physical fitness and personal empowerment.

Recently, another apartment opened in Gvaot, called Beit Shaked. This apartment houseshigher functioning residents with personal plans directed towards independent housing, supported employment, and preparation for marriage.

Residents of Beit Shaked take part in a community commitment project where each resident performs volunteer activities for the community.

The apartments are run by a warm and dedicated staff of coordinators, assistants, paramedical practitioners, activity instructors and volunteers.