Educational Enrichment Center

With the growth of Sadnat Shiluv, and the increased interest in its unique activities we feel the need to develop the area of guidance and enrichment.   In the past years many groups have come to tour the facilities and for professional enrichment.  To fill this need we have developed programs in these areas and we built two Mongolian Yurts which will be used for professional meetings and for hosting large and small groups.  The yurts are located near the coffee shop, their windows face the landscape and they are surrounded by shady sitting areas.

Sadnat Shiluv's unique form of work evolved over the years, and enabled the creation of work plans based on creativity, flexibility and accuracy.

In recent years, this knowledge was distributed to other educational institutions.

The Continuing Education Center operates in the following areas:

  • Advice and assistance for parents and teachers to create work plans for struggling children.
  • Preparation of educational materials adapted for children with various disabilities who are integrated into mainstream education settings.
  • Courses for teachers in the following topics:

Promotion of children with ADHD

Sexual social education for people with special needs

Movement as a therapeutic educational tool

Creating a curriculum adapted for people with special needs, and more.undefined