Sadnat Shiluv is part of the Gvaot community. Everyone living in Gvaot expressed a desire to be part of an integrated community. As part of this partnership, the tenants work at maintaining the site. They work in gardening, the Petting Zoo, the goat pen and the stable. They cook in the kitchen, help in caring for the yishuv's children in the kindergarten and daycare, and run the café. The work and maintenance of the site advances them professionally and strengthens their sense of belonging to the place.

As a result of the recognition of the central role of work in the formation of one's personal identity, much thought has been devoted to the selection of tasks and construction of each employee's personal development plan.

Each work area is selected to enable physical movement, meetings with diverse populations, and progressing from one task to the next.

A unique and individualized path toward self-development is created for each employee. Specific and clear goals are set out for the workers: they are tested on their accomplishments, and they receive certificates and raises based on their achievements.


Our work areas:

Kitchen - Section Coordinator: Yakey Sharabi

Tasks: Preparing lunch and dinner for workers, students and kindergarten children.

Goat Pen - Section Coordinator: Uri Zlivenski

Tasks: Caring for the goats and their kids, milking and taking them out to pasture, cheese-making.

Stable- Section Coordinator: Nadav Cohen

Tasks: Caring for the horses, providing therapeutic riding lessons to individuals and groups – a total of 200 riders.

Petting Zoo - Section Coordinator: Chaim Machlis

Tasks: Maintenance and handling of birds, parrots, reptiles and rodents. Leading activities and guided tours for the kindergarten children, schools and visitors.

Kindergarten - Head Teacher: Yedidya Mandelbaum

Tasks: Management of a multi-age preschool for 35 children, with an emphasis on nature, movement and creativity.

Gardening and Forestry- Section Coordinator: David Marom

Tasks: Care and maintenance of the gardens throughout the yishuv, pruning and gathering trees in the surrounding forests, producing wood products from the trimmings.

Café- Coordinator: Tamar Gamson

Tasks: Opening the Cafe to residents of Gevaot and other guests.  Training in food preparation, customer service and packaging.

Maintenance: Coordinator Avraham Shulman

Maintenence and cleanliness of the community.