Integrating Space

In addition to the population of students in need of special education services for their emotional well-being and progress in all areas, there is a population of children who could integrate into the regular educational system if only they had the help and support they needed. Many of these children suffer from ADHD. They are often smart, warm, and creative, have a good sense of humor,and a love for nature and open space. Frenetic and impulsive, they find it difficult to accept authority, often getting into fights with friends and suffering from learning disabilities which interfere with their functioning in the classroom. The program offered by the formal educational system currently highlights their weaknesses, and provides insufficient opportunities to develop their strengths. This reality creates a great degree offriction and disappointment. The reality in school is difficult but the option of special education is also difficult.

SadnatShiluv offers these children an activity day in a therapeutic space ("integrating space"). On that day, they come to Gevaot and work with a group of their doing crafts, carpentry, carving, basket weaving, and research in nature. They participate in a program to develop better interpersonal skills, and a therapeutic riding program that has been designed especially for children with attention deficit disorder. Some children also receive remedial instruction. This program offers them a break from the pressure they face in their regular environment, in an informal framework where they can demonstrate talents and abilities with a working plan that will help them cope with their difficulties.

Currently, approximately 70 students participate in the program.

Program Coordinator: Noa Mandelbaum.                               

Employees: Yael Boaziz, Leora Saban, Raya Frumkin, Noa and Noam Gesundheit.