The School

Target Population

Sixty special education children aged 12-21 study at the school. Most of them have dropped out of the mainstream education system due to cognitive, communicative or behavioral difficulties,and have associated school with failure and frustration.

Personal Program

The program is based on personal knowledge of the student’s needs,and includestraining in concrete functional activities: Work on interpersonal skills, practicing relationships with authority, and suitable social behavior. The personal plan for each student is built according to this program. The program is not limited to classroom activities, and muchof the activity takes place in a spacious area, which includes contact with animals and various workshops.

Livestock Farmer

There is a therapeutic riding stable on-site, where students feed, clean and even train the horses. They graze the herd of goats, milk them and prepare yogurt and cheeses from the milk.

In the Petting Zoo, each child is personally responsible for one of the animals. Regular care helps the child develop empathy for others and discover other abilities and talents. There is also a greenhouse and workshops for learning photography, ceramics, woodworking and paper recycling.

The work helps students learn about responsibility, and provides training towards their lives as adults.