If you have any questions, clarification, second thoughts or just need some friendly advice and support, please contact one of our swimmers from previous years:

Liz Pushett 054-2160082

Bonnie Weinberg 054-7767274

    • Do I have to swim regularly to participate in Swim 4 Sadna?

    Not really, as long as you engage in some form of regular exercise and are fit, you can participate in the 1.9 km swim. The life guards form a 300m rectangle around the swimmers with a large raft at each end, where you can rest, if necessary. There is a great air of camaraderie and swimmers tend to help each other along.

    • Will there be boats accompanying the swim?

    Yes, there will be boats, rafts and kayaks along the way with lifeguards and paramedics. If you get tired, you can climb into one of the boats or rafts and rest. When you feel refreshed you can continue swimming.

    • Who can I ask questions about training?

    Ester Kleinman, a Wingate qualified swimming instructor will be happy to answer your questions: ester@swim4sadna.org

    • Can I use flippers?

    Yes, you can use flippers.(please mark them clearly so they don't get lost.)

    • What is the minimum age for participation?

    10 is the minimum age.  Swimmers 10-18 will need parental permission as well as a declaration of health.  Forms can be downloaded from the registration site. Minors without a signed parental permission form will NOT be allowed to participate on the day of the swim.

    • Can I change the route I chose when I registered?

    Yes, you can switch routes until the end of registration 15/5/16 by sending an email to info@swim4sadna.org with notification

    • Where will the spectators be waiting?

    Female friends and children of participants can wait at the finish point - Hof Yarden Kinneret (next to Ohalo guest house).

    • Can I be a part of the Event if I don’t want to swim?

    Absolutely. The west side of the beach will be open to women only from Thursday May 24 th  2018 at 17:00 - until Friday May 25  2018 at 11:00. You can join the fun and sleep on the beach for an entry fee of 60 NIS. There are toilets and showers at the beach.

    • Will I get confirmation of my registration?

    Everyone who registers on-line will receive confirmation of registration by email. On receipt of payment, we will send you a receipt by email

    • Will there be organized transportation?

    Transportation this year will be free for swimmers. Transportation for visitors (non-swimmers) will cost 50nis each direction. Everyone, including swimmers must book in advance!  You can register for buses on the registration site. The bus routes will pass via Gush Etzion Junction, Jerusalem, MishorAdumim, the Jordan Valley, Bet Shemesh, Latrun, Kesem junction

    • Do I have to sleep on the Beach?

    No. As a registered swimmer sleeping on the beach is free. However we have also booked a large number of rooms at Haon Holiday Village. The cost for sleeping at HaOn is 350NIS. Hotel accommodation must be pre-booked and prepaid via the registration site.

    • How can I cancel my registration?

    Send an email to: info@swim4sadna.org. The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. In case of cancellation, the registration fee will become a contribution to Sadnat Shiluv.

    • How do I choose my roommates?

    Rooms will be allocated in advance. You will have an option to choose a roommate when you register for the hotel online. There is no option to book for couples on line. If you are interested in booking for a couple, please contact us by email at info@swim4sadna.org