Fund Raising 2015


The Sadna is an integrative project in Gush Etzion that caters to special education children from the age of 2 and up, who fall between the cracks and find no solution for their needs in the Special Educational system.  Among them are students who with the aid of a therapeutic program will be mainstreamed into other frameworks. Others will remain connected to the Sadna throughout their lives


The Sadna has several programs:

  • A Kindergarten employing several young women with special needs as kindergarten helpers together with a senior teacher. 30 normative children learn together with children with special needs.
  • A school for inclusive special education consisting of 8 classes for children with varying disabilities
  • Experiential sleep-away days
  • An agricultural farming program that provides vocational training and employment opportunities for people with special needs
  • Assisted living in communities in Gush Etzion
    • 3 apartments for young men with special needs
    • and 1 apartment for women with special needs
  • “Merchav Meshalev”, a unique project whereby once a week, students from other schools are invited to the Sadna for an intensive day of activities.

Swim4Sadna 2016 – our annual Kinneret swim fundraiser – will serve to raise funds toward a multidisciplinary Art Center for the Sadna community.


"Sadnat Shiluv" in Gevaot offers solutions for children and young adults with a variety of special needs. Some suffer from severe cognitive disabilities, while others have good cognitive abilities but display modes of behavior that prevent them from studying or working in a regular framework. The regular school system has not provided an appropriate solution that enables them to develop and express their talents. For many of them, having to participate in formal educational settings, where only verbal expression is encouraged, is a hindrance to their self-expression. Many of our students have artistic talents. The creation of an art center will give them an opportunity to blossom and to proclaim their true voice. The center will provide them with the opportunity to experience success.

Although the Sadna currently includes art rooms - for basket weaving, paper recycling, carpentry, and ceramics, these rooms are small and inappropriate. In addition, the scattered location of these art rooms throughout the Sadna does not allow for multidisciplinary activity, nor does it provide an inspiring atmosphere that is conducive to creative work.

We plan to build three clusters: each cluster will include three work spaces, with an open space for joint work.

a.      Drawing and sculpting: a pottery room, papier mache room, and drawing/painting room. This cluster will include a ceramic oven.

b.      Basketry room, weaving and wool-work room, and a paper recycling room.

c.       Mosaic and stone sculpting room and carpentry room.

A special exhibition space will be set up in close proximity for the students to showcase their works.

The art center will promote and enrich the lives of over 200 Sadna students, who use the facility daily or weekly.


Help us create an art center for the benefit of all Sadna participants!


For additional information on the 2016 fundraising project, - Art Center - click here.