Fund Raising 2019


The Sadna is an integrative project in Gush Etzion that caters to special education children from the age of 2 and up, who fall between the cracks and find no solution for their needs in the Special Educational system.  Among them are students who with the aid of a therapeutic program will be mainstreamed into other frameworks. Others will remain connected to the Sadna throughout their lives


The Sadna has several programs:

  • A Kindergarten employing several young women with special needs as kindergarten helpers together with a senior teacher. 30 normative children learn together with children with special needs.
  • A school for inclusive special education consisting of 10 classes for children with varying disabilities
  • An agricultural farming program that provides vocational training and employment opportunities for people with special needs
  • Assisted living in communities in Gush Etzion
    • 6 apartments for young men with special needs
    • and 2 apartment for women with special needs
  • Merchav Meshalev”, a unique project whereby once a week, students from other schools are invited to the Sadna for an intensive day of activities.

Swim4Sadna 2019 – our annual Kinneret swim fundraiser – will serve to raise funds toward a new sports center for the Sadna community.

Further details on the sports center will be available soon