About SadnatShiluv

The SadnatShiluv organization was established in 1997.

The organization set as its goals advancement of children and adults with special needs by integrating them into the community.

We see the special needs individual holistically and established an environment in order to support them through all phases of their lives.  To that end we have an integrated kindergarten, a special education school and communal living.  These are centered in Gevaot which serves as a therapeutic and supportive community.

Additionally we run a weekly program for children who study in regular schools and are in need of a therapeutic, supportive framework.

The organization functions uniquely according to the following principles

  1. Establishing a therapeutic environment containing all the elements needed by a special person and also a feeling of belonging to a normative community.
  2. An enriching and flexible framework which can adapt to the needs of a special person throughout his life.
  3. Emphasis on creative agricultural labor.


These activities are appropriate for people with assorted difficulties and levels of functioning, who can benefit from agricultural labor and integration into the community.