National Service at the Sadna


Sherut Leumi (National Service) volunteers are an integral part of the staff at The Sadna and serve as a significant source of assistance. They participate in meaningful activity in all areas: in the school, the employment program,and at home. The program is run by Aminadav Sherut Leumi service, and the girls reside in Gvaot. They are aregular fixturein thecommunity, and they are active in the kindergartens and youth groups.

The responsibility of Sherut Leumi Volunteers include:

Girls' Class – Accompanying a group of mature girls of different ages (14-30) and various levels of functioning in their daily schedules in the classroom and general activity, including: individual and group learning, working in various fields of employment – the kitchen, kindergarten, childcare center, recycling paper, basketry, classes, etc.

Boys'Class – Part of a staff team for a group of boys aged 12 and older, with different levels of functioning. Responsibilities include accompanying them through their dailyactivities, such as: individual and group learning, working in various fields of employment – gardening and development, goat herding, the Petting Zoo, classes, etc.

Petting Zoo —Working with various animals includes feeding, milking, cleaning, as well as supportingmembers of the adult employment group (21 or older) in their work in the Petting Zoo.

Ranch – An organic part of the stable team, includes physical work with the horses, caring for the horses and feeding them, supporting students in therapeutic riding classes, training employment groupsto work in the stable, etc.

Occupational Group – Working with the group of adult boys, 21 or older, in the employment areas and day center– which integrate members with a relatively low level of functioning, individualized learning, etc.

Learning Center – An important and central place, all the classes arrive every day for group learningin a broad range of topics, and individual study with students of the basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, and money management, in order to bring them maximum independence in the use of these abilities.

Beit Aluma:The girls' apartment –A charming apartment in Kibbutz Migdal Oz where 6 girls live,with moderate-medium developmental delays. The house provides them with a warm home, along with the opportunity to acquire habits for independence and maturity. The National Servicevolunteer is a significant figure in the girls' lives, by virtue of her constant and daily presence, in contrast with the other apartment counselors.

Mountain garden – an integrative kindergarten- an enchanting and unique kindergarten intended for the children of the yishuv which also integrates children with special needs. The kindergartenfunctions from a point of connection withthe natural environment, and allows personal space for each child. It also serves as a place of employment for the older girls studying at The Sadna. For those who love children...

A Mainstreaming Space – This is a unique project intended for elementary school students, who come from different schools once a week for a day ofrelaxation, personal empowerment, strengthening learning skills, developing responsibility, working on self confidence, discipline and concentration through different activities like work in the Petting Zoo, horse riding, pasture, crafts and more.

Work in the different assignments continues until noon, at which point the girls participate in a variety of workshops with small groups of students. In addition, there are girls that lead the youth groups on the yishuv.

How can you get to us?

  • Sign up for a tour day via the Aminadav site.
  • Contact the National Service Coordinator- Oshrit Stavon – 052-8990116
  • Speak with Reut at The Sadna office – 02-9938423