Our Volunteers


Each year the Sadna incorporates post high school volunteers, who are incorporated in all Sdna activities. We welcome any initiative to volunteer, and do everything in our power to make volunteers feel happy and comfortable as they contribute to the Sadna community.

Each year, high school seniors from across the country come to The Sadna as part of the Grade 13 program, or as part of their National Service. The volunteers are integrated in workshop activities as assistants, and they help in the classrooms, apartments or in the employment sectors. The work options are extremely diverse,from didactic personal development in the learning center to working with groups in the stable and therapeutic riding. The volunteers reach our organization through BneiAkiva and the National Service Association of Aminadav.

Volunteers are an integral part of our team;they participate in training programs and staff meetings. For many of them, their year of National Service at The Sadnais a significant one, and often impacts shapes their future personal and educational paths.


To volunteer, please contact Adiela at The Sadna office.