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מקום מיוחד במרחב

About Us

Sadnat Shiluv is an integration project in Gush Etzion that helps special needs individuals who "fall between the cracks" and need a customized personal program.  The guiding principle of the “Sadna" is that a person is defined not according to his needs and/or disabilities but, rather, according to his ability to contribute and be productive.

The association operates a special education school that currently has 60 students with differing degrees of disabilities and a career training program for special needs young adults age 21 that includes training in our bakery, stables, animal corner, cafe and more.

In addition, the Sadna has 8 apartments in the Gvaot community where people with special needs live and learn independent living skills.

Sadnat Shiluv


A new program for younger kids with special needs



בית ספר לחינוך מיוחד המשלב .

בעלי לקויות שונות.

להרחבה לחץ כאן

מרחב משלב

Special housing program in different communities in Gush Etzion


Communal housing

בית ספר לחינוך מיוחד המשלב .

בעלי לקויות שונות.

להרחבה לחץ כאן


Employment center for people over the age of 21

Employment center

A settlement in Gush Etzion dedicated to living the ideal of inclusiveness



Gvaot community 

A school for kids with special needs

The School

A social Cafe in Gvaot operated by people of the Sadna

Social cafe


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Gvaot, Gush Etzion


Postal address

P.O.B 336 Alon Shvut